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Notify me when this product is available:. Every BBInfinite module ships with the special press tools and retaining compounds you need to get the job done correctly with ease and confidence. All you need is the bottom bracket press.

Ceramitech Bearings: Our Si3n4 hybrid ceramic bearings feature ultra-spherical silicon nitride balls matched to SAE chrome steel bearing races that have been processed with additional heat treatment and polishing steps.

The result is a hybrid-ceramic bearing that lasts longer than any steel bearing with spin performance no steel bearing can rival. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and endurance. Lifetime Warranty.

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The result is astonishing spin performance and increased endurance. These bearings feature mid-contact seals for extreme performance and durability. Each bearing comes lubricated with Kluber or Koyo. BBInfinite DirectFit Gxp bottom brackets maintain optimal chain-lines for crisp, consistent shifting and drivetrain performance. Our BBInfinite OPD architecture freed us to delete superfluous wave washers and shims that pre-load bearings unnecessarily, causing drag and poor performance.

Our Gxp optimized design is set to the narrowest stance the crank set allows. This ensures that the interface between the non-drive crank arm and the spindle has the maximum amount of spline engagement. All BBInfinite DirectFit Gxp bottom bracket modules feature a flange-less drive side architecture for maximum clearance for power meter back-plates like those found on Quarq and SRM cranks.

This flange-less feature is especially noticeable on non-power meter fitments with a typical mm of spindle showing.

This is normal and optimal. Perfectly aligned bearings are essential for thousands of miles of trouble-free use and extreme spin performance. Pedaling forces conspire to lever, and rock, and eventually work multi-piece systems loose. The unitized nature of BBInfinite OPD cancels these forces out entirely, which means creaking has no place to start in the first place.

It really is that simple. Every BBInfinite module ships with the special press tools, hardware, instructions, and the retaining compound you need to get the job done correctly with ease and confidence. All you need is the press for this road bike bottom bracket. If you need a press, check out our Master Tool Press.

Powered by Shopify. Menu 0. BBEVO Add to Cart. Bearing Pre-load Explained. Why Most Pressfit Fails. One-Piece To The Rescue. You may also like. Bottom Bracket Selection Guide.Have a login, click here. Intro Features Specs Galleries. Go anywhere fast! Your Cart. There are no items in your Cart. Keywords: bb standards,bb30,bb evo,bb90,bb92,crank fit,installation,installation,all you need to know.

Thanks to the bike industry brilliance of inventing a gazillion "standards", even Andy and I sometimes don't know every possible and impossible combination. So let's try to clear some of this up. The important points: Traditionally not meaning 50 years ago but the oldest technology that still exists today for high-end productsBB shells are 68mm wide for road and 73mm for MTB and the crank axle is 24mm in diameter.

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After an initial surge of popularity, It's now becoming less and less popular as most new crank axles are wider than 68mm so you may as well use a wider BB shell as well, instead of spacers on your crank. There are a ton more but we'll focus on the ones that are both common and common sense.

For cranks, Shimano has always stuck to 24mm axles. The reason for these choices are that they combine very good mechanical properties meaning we can build a light, stiff, strong frame and use light, stiff, strong cranks with a wide range of available cranks.

Why 41mm?

wheels mfg bb386 gxp

Well, remember that traditional set-up with the 24mm axle and the 73mm wide shell and the outboard bearings? BB92 is basically that same setup, but the cups from those outboard bearings are integrated into the BB shell and form one wide BB shell. And the bearings which still have a thin sleeve around them for ease of installation press into that wider shell.

So instead of having bearings that sit in cups that thread into a narrow BB shell, you have the bearings with a sleeve wrapped around them press directly into the BB shell. The end result is that the bearings are in the same spot as they would be with threaded cups outboard of a 73mm BB shell, and so all the dozens and dozens of cranks designed for that traditional system can be used in BB That has nothing to do with the axle and bearings, but it does have to do with the position of the chainrings.

So while the axle of a five year-old XTR crank will work in a BB92 frame, the chainrings would be off. Or you can use a double crank as a single and use the outer ring position with a flat ring to get a similar offset.

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The great thing of BB92 is that inside that 41mm diameter, you can also fit a super light and narrow bearing with a 30mm internal diameter as opposed to 24mm. This means you can put a crank with an oversized 30mm axle inside this compact 41mm BB shell.Everyone hates press-fit bottom brackets, right? Things were pretty bad for a while. So why on earth do companies continue to produce bikes with non-threaded bottom brackets? Because, carbon. Even the plastic stuff made by Shimano and SRAM is getting better, but I think the thread-together style bottom brackets offer by far the best solution right now.

Which one is better? Keep reading to find out. The Wheels Manufacturing thread together bottom bracket is the simpler of the two, consisting of a couple aluminum parts with a familiar notch tool interface, a pair of seals, and some spindle spacers. After pressing the right-side cup in, you just thread the left side on and tighten to Nm. Most of the socket-style alternatives also miss the mark.

Abbey and Park make tools that will fit the notches, but they each have a center guide to keep them straight on the narrow tool interface, which fits into a BB30 bearing, not the millimeter one found on the GXP-fitted bottom bracket. What I really want is a machined, sharp-edged, perfectly flat aluminum socket.

And just as I was finishing this review I got news Wheels Manufacturing has manufactured exactly that. All installation and tool talk aside, the Wheels Manufacturing thread together bottom bracket works flawlessly.

This one has angular contact bearings, but Wheels also sells one with normal radial ones too. When the bearing is preloaded, every ball is engaged with the race, whereas with a radial bearing only a few are at a time. My SRAM XX1 cranks installed with the perfect amount of preload without needing any of the provided spindle spacers, and they definitely spin more freely than the Hope setup does.

The difference is totally negligible of course, but it sure does feel nice. Wheels Manufacturing specs high-quality, Enduro-brand bearings, which can be replaced when needed. The best way to ensure a smooth installation is to make sure the surfaces are smooth, burr-free, and properly lubricated with Teflon grease or anti-seize for titanium frames.

As far as performance, though, I have zero complaints. More than that, though, I like that both sides press in, rather than one side turning in the frame like the Wheels bottom bracket. The Hope bottom bracket is more of a kit that needs assembly, rather than a simple bottom bracket. It basically consists of two aluminum cups that press into the frame and house the bearings, connected to each other via a thread-in sleeve.

Installation goes like this: 1 Press in the drive-side cup 2 Press in the non-drive cup 3 Thread in the center tube 4 Install inside GXP adapter spacer in non-drive bearing GXP only 5 Press non-drive bearing into cup 6 Press on outer GXP adapter spacer and dust seal in non-drive bearing.

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Only then can you install the crank. A friend of mine bought the bottom bracket and tool, per my suggestion, and somehow managed to destroy the tool—and almost the bottom bracket and frame—in the process. That said, he did finally wind up getting the thing installed, and has since stacked many bull-in-china-shop-style miles. Hope supplies its own high-quality sealed radial bearings that have proven to be very durable.

Replacements can come from Hope or anyone else you like. I have a similar number of miles on the Hope and Wheels Manufacturing bottom brackets, and the Hope is starting to feel slightly gritty while the Wheels unit is still running perfectly smooth. The difference can only be noticed when spinning the cranks by hand with the chain off.Trustpilot review 9. Show all in Parts. Show all in Accessories.

Wheels MFG BB386 Bottom Bracket for 30mm Spindle

Show all in Clothing. Show all in Turbo Trainers. Show all in Electronics. Show all in Maintenance. Show all in Nutrition. Show all in Sale. Wheels Manufacturing Inc. Sram Dub BB Show the differences. Good fit.

wheels mfg bb386 gxp

Needs special wrench. This bottom bracket is very easy to assemble. With this bottom bracket you will have less creaking while cycling.

The bearings are well sealed and therefore very durable. The weight of this bottom bracket is slightly higher than that of the original bottom bracket.

Wheels MFG BB386 ACB Bottom Bracket for SRAM GXP

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Wheels Manufacturing BB386 EVO Bottom Bracket Threaded and Creak Free.

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wheels mfg bb386 gxp

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Weight Weenies Forum Skip to content. Quick links. Forum rules. Which is better. Lighter, more reliable, more durable bearings, water resistance, preload adjustment etc. My Addict. Post by sungod on Mon May 07, am as bb86 is pressfit, i'd go bb30, should be lighter, probably stiffer, other factors not much in it edit: ahhh, just noticed the bb86 shell dimensions, hadn't realised the diameter is too small for standard bb30 bearings, so better to go gxp, otherwise you end up having to use bearings with thin races or specials like the wheels mfg dual row sleeveless ones.

Last edited by sungod on Mon May 07, am, edited 1 time in total. So both are pressfit. The latest BB cranks should have sufficient axle length to work with a third party bottom bracket, but the bearings will be very small with compromised durability. Personally I'd definitely go for the GXP version.

Or DUB if Sram moves over to that standard for the road as well…. Post by alcatraz on Mon May 07, pm Better check your specifications.We're relentlessly focused on being the best place for you to buy your next bike.

wheels mfg bb386 gxp

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Colors Colors black red. Each compare button adds its respective product to a list of products that can be used to make comparisons between all the products in the list. The region of the page containing this list is called the "Compare Products" region and can be located at the end of the main content of the page. Selecting compare again removes the product from the list. The Competitive Advantage. Need answers? Meet your gearhead.Item WHLC. In the ever-expanding world of bottom brackets, we all just want to keep things as simple as possible.

Wheels Manufacturing uses engineering-grade Delrin resin plastic on the adapter, which is both lighter and quieter than aluminum — something we can all appreciate. Have questions? Chat with a Gearhead. This kit does not include a bottom bracket threaded or pressed in.

The 24mm drive side adapter worked just right. The 22mm non-drive side adapter was undersized to the point you had to use a rubber mallet to punch the drive side crank arm out when performing routine maintenance. You really had to waylay into the spindle with the rubber mallet.

Which is fine if you have a regular crank, but I can't see it being a good thing if you're crank is a Quarq power meter. I emailed Wheels Mfg about it and never received a response.

I finally ended up sanding the inner diameter of the 22mm adapter to fit correctly. I gave them 3 stars because I also have the Universal PF30 to Shimano adapters on another bike that worked as intended.

Took a couple attempts with different spacers to nail the chain line, but 20min and it was good to go. Will this work with a Cannondale BB30a bottom bracket? It will. There are honestly better options that do cost more that are cleaner looking. I'm on the fence. What are the other options please?

Less expensive then a complete conversion BB option. This works very well for it's intended purpose and is a very low cost, well made adapter option that just works. Works great for it's intended use, no problems so far! These are really east to install and run smoothly.

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